Our restaurant has been successfully implementing a unique concept for over 51 years, offering our guests nothing but simple dishes. Everything revolves around our house speciality – risotto with porcini mushrooms and gorgonzola. Both as a main course and as a side dish to fine meat cuts, our risotto always plays the prima donna. Some gourmets even say that at the Centovalli Restaurant meat is a side dish to risotto! And we serve only the best meat in the world: New Zealand lamb, fillet of beef from Ireland and veal from Ticino or Emmental.

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult for us to apply the zero mile concept to meat, because local production cannot meet our quality and quantity requirements. Everything else, however – including desserts and gelatos – is strictly homemade with fresh ingredients! So don’t expect to find an endless menu card or the super-decorated dishes of the starred cuisine: with us, you will find authenticity and a consistent quality. 99% of the wines on our card are produced by our fabulous Ticino winemakers.

Simplicity and taste are our assets!

  • Menu card

    Mixed salad (vegetarian)     Fr. 9.80
    Seasonal soup (vegetarian)     Fr. 11.80
    Goat cheese mousse     Fr. 13.80
    Risotto with porcini mushrooms and gorgonzola     Fr. 26.00
    Ravioli with meat filling in a creamy porcini mushroom sauce or garlic, sage and butter sauce     Fr. 26.00
    Ravioli with spinach and ricotta filling in a butter and sage butter sauce (vegetarian)     Fr. 26.00
    Risotto with porcini mushrooms and gorgonzola with beef fillet (CH, Ireland, Australia)        Fr. 51.50
    Risotto with porcini mushrooms and gorgonzola with veal steak (CH)      Fr. 49.50
    Fillet of beef (CH, Ireland, Australia) and salad     Fr. 38.00
    Veal steak (CH) and salad     Fr. 36.00
    King prawns in green Thai curry sauce with basmati rice and salad     Fr. 42.50
    Specialty of the day     Fr. 44.50
    Cheese by quantity
    Sorbet of the day with liqueur     Fr. 11.40
    Ice cream (portion)     Fr. 6.70
    Panna cotta     Fr. 11.40
    Crème caramel     Fr. 11.40
    Chocolate cream     Fr. 9.90
    Surcharge for whipped cream     Fr. 1.10

    All prices include 7.7% VAT

  • Menus for groups (lunch only)

    Menu 1 Fr. 65.00
    Seasonal soup
    Seasonal salad
    Veal ossibuchi (shanks) in the traditional way with Centovalli risotto
    Nut ice cream with nocino (nut liqueur)
    Menu variant with pork shanks Fr. 58.00
    Menu 2 Fr. 70.00
    Shallot tatin
    Seasonal salad
    Saltimbocca alla romana (rolls of roasted veal cutlets with ham and sage) and risotto Centovalli
    Grape sorbet with grappa
    Menu 3 Fr. 70.00
    Fresh cheese mousse
    Mixed salad
    Lamb fillets with mustard seeds and risotto Centovalli
    Lemon sorbet with vodka
    Menu 4 Fr. 65.00
    Fresh cheese mousse
    Stuffed rabbit saddle and Centovalli risotto
    Panna cotta
    Menu 5 Fr. 70.00
    Salmon tartare
    Mixed salad
    Roasted veal and Centovalli risotto
    American grape sorbet with grappa

    All prices include 7.7% VAT

    Some of the menus can be modified replacing the risotto
    with potatoes and vegetables (we do not serve both side dishes, all the guests at the
    table shall agree on either the risotto or the potatoes with vegetables).

    Wedding cakes, birthday cakes etc. brought from outside and served at the table Fr. 2,00 per person.
    A supplement of Fr. 3,50 per person will be charged for the printing of personalised menu cards.
    For special table decorations a flat-rate supplement will be charged.

  • Wine card

    White Wines               75 cl.
    Viognier (barrique), 2019, Ferrari             Fr. 70.00
    Bianco Rovere (Merlot barrique), 2021, Guido Brivio                     Fr. 68.00
    Chardonnay Ibisco, 2021, Ferrari             Fr. 53.00
    Merlot Silene, 2021, Ferrari             Fr. 51.00
    Merlot Tre Perle,  2021, Hefti             Fr. 52.00
    Swiss Rosé Wines               75 cl.
    Merlot Rosato Tre Perle, 2021, Hefti             Fr. 52.00
    Ticino Barrique Red Wines               75 cl.
    Numerochiuso (Tannat), 2011, Ferrari             Fr. 130.00
    Castanar Riserva (5 vitigni), 2013, Ferrari             Fr. 87.00
    Loto Syrah, 16/17, Ferrari             Fr. 70.00
    Ronco dei Ciliegi, 18/19, Azienda Mondo             Fr. 80.00
    Sottobosco (Merlot, Cabernet, Gameret), 2019, Agriloro             Fr. 77.00
    Ticino Barrique Merlot Wines               75 cl.
    Merlot Riserva La Prella, 17/18, Agriloro             Fr. 76.00
    Ultima Goccia, 19/20, Chiodi             Fr. 78.00
    Merlot Sassi Grossi, 2018, Gialdi             Fr. 91.00
    Merlot Querceto, 18/19, Terreni alla Maggia             Fr. 84.00
    Ronco del Tasso Riserva, 2017, Gobbi Silvano             Fr. 70.00
    Bella Cima, 2018, Ferrari             Fr. 72.00
    Classic Merlot Wines         50 cl.     75 cl. 
    Merlot Sasso Rosso, 20/21, Ferrari       Fr. 34.00   Fr.  46.00
    Merlot Tre Perle, 2017, Hefti             Fr.  52.00
    Merlot Ronco del Tasso, 2019, Gobbi Silvano             Fr.  49.00
    Acqua Reale, 2019, Robin Garzoli             Fr. 57.00
    Merlot Seseglio, 2020, Ferrari             Fr. 58.00
    Ticino Red Wines         50 cl.     75 cl.
    Alisso (Merlot, Cabernet), 17/18, Ferrari       Fr. 32.00   Fr. 46.00 
    Italian Red Wines               75 cl.
    Amarone della Valpollicella Re Pazzo, 2015, Terre di Leone             Fr.  86.00
    Rosso di Montalcino, 2018, Salvioni             Fr. 86.00
    Poggio ai Chiari, 2009, Santa Mustiola             Fr. 73.00
    Noi 4 Bolgheri, 2019, Tenuta Sette Cieli             Fr. 63.00
    Barbera d'Alba Pilade, 2018, Ballarin             Fr. 47.00
    Open Wines   3 dl     5 dl     1 L
    Merlot bianco del Ticino Fr. 14.40   Fr. 24.00   Fr. 48.00
    Merlot rosato del Ticino Fr. 14.40   Fr. 24.00   Fr. 48.00
    Merlot rosso del Ticino Fr. 14.40   Fr. 24.00   Fr. 48.00

    All prices include 7.7% VAT

    With reservation for price changes.


Take-away Goods

Given the current situation we have created a take-away service for selected goods. Please contact us on 091 796 14 44 to order and arrange pickup.

Viognier "barricato" 2016 Ferrari Stabio 29.00
Chardonnay "barricato" 2016 Ferrari Stabio 29.00
Merlot Silene 2019 Ferrari Stabio 17.00
Merlot Bianco Tre Perle 2019 Hefti Paolo 18.50
Chardonnay Tre Perle 2019 Hefti Paolo 21.00
Bianco Rovere "barricato" 2018 Guido Brivio 28.00
Merlot Rosato 2019 Hefti Paolo 18.50
Merlot HeftiTre Perle 2015 Hefti Paolo 33.50
Merlot Riserva Prella 2016 Tenimento dell'Or 33.90
Sottobosco 2016 Tenimento dell'Or 35.90
Sassi Grossi 2016 Gialdi 47.00
Sassi  Grossi Magnum 2016 Gialdi 95.00
Vigna D'Antan (medaglia oro) 2015 Guido Brivio 32.00
Bella Cima 2017 Ferrari Stabio 30.00
Castanar Riserva 2012 Ferrari Stabio 47.00
Castanar Riserva Magnum 2012 Ferrari Stabio 99.00
Merlot Castanar 2016 Ferrari Stabio 35.00
Loto Syrah 2015 Ferrari Stabio 30.00
Merlot del Tasso Riserva 2016 Gobbi Silvano 30.00
Merlot Riserva Centovalli 2017 Ferrari Stabio 24.00
Merlot Tre Perle 2015 Hefti Paolo 18.50
Merlot Ronco del Tasso  2018 Gobbi Silvano 19.00
Alisso 2016 Ferrari Stabio 19.00
Red wine vinegar 100 cl   own production 11.50
Red wine vinegar 50 cl   own production 6.50
American grape barrique distillate 50 cl   own production 70.00
Ratafià (nocino, walnut liqueur) 50 cl   own production 38.00
Honey 500 g   Previtali Verscio 16.00


All prices include VAT, free shipping for orders over Fr. 600.-

Payment in cash, Postcard or Maestro 2% discount. Invoice 30 days net.

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